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Strategic Planning for Growth


Strategic Planning for Growth – Develop. Transform. Inspire. How you get from your current state to your desired state of success rarely happens accidently.   Plan your business strategy until all elements are exhausted. Develop. Focusing on the development of your current resources takes time and effort.  On the people side you likely have [...]

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Player – Coaches


Looking Back: Player-Coaches in the NHL In today’s NHL the idea of a player-coach is completely far-fetched. Both sides of the bench have become highly specialized and have demanding such responsibilities that you rarely find the player who can “do it all” on the ice and likewise for coaches in the locker room. In fact, we’re [...]

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Creating a proper leadership development plan 


How do you create a proper leadership development plan?  Sit down and apply the Me3 approach to your development plan. Me3 = Adding Mentoring to the traditional development process of Experience, Exposure and Education.   Mentoring is vital in today’s corporate environment.  You can do things the hard way and learn everything on your own, [...]

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Three reasons to give a (expletive deleted) about B Inspired Finance


I’m a farmer looking at my field.  The field is long and wide, with many seeds planted, watered, and the sun is shining.  Being a new farmer I’m restless watching and waiting.  I don’t want to over water, I don’t want to under water.  Some of the crops are ready for consumption.  If you are [...]

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B Inspired Summer 2018 Newsletter


    We are thrilled to have completed a very exciting first year of business.  We’ve expanded our client base, our team, and our partners.  We launched a Leadership Coaching division that coaches all job functions, as we feel very strongly in backing up our view, that Coaching is for All.  We are looking forward [...]

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Design a Great Sales Compensation Plan


Design a Great Sales Compensation Plan The team at B Inspired Finance Group have created thousands of successful Sales Compensation Plans. It’s not glamorous work but it also may be the single most important element for proper execution of your Sales Strategy.  We have repeatedly seen the positive impact of having the right comp plan [...]

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