We are thrilled to have completed a very exciting first year of business.  We’ve expanded our client base, our team, and our partners.  We launched a Leadership Coaching division that coaches all job functions, as we feel very strongly in backing up our view, that Coaching is for All.  We are looking forward to year two with great anticipation, but first let’s have fun looking back at some of our year one highlights.





B Inspired Team update

We are thrilled to have Jodie Bourgon join the B Inspired team full time and lead up our Leadership Coaching division!  Jodie will serve as Director-Client Relations for both the Finance Group and Leadership Coaching divisions.  Jodie is an incredible talent, most recently serving as a Relationship Manager for Solium Capital.  If you have worked with Jodie, you’ll know why we are excited to have her. Welcome Jodie, and thanks for strengthening our team!


Scott Henson has joined our coaching roster as well and we are happy to have his warm smile and charming personality on our team.  Scott is currently going through the RCCTM Certification process and has strengthened our coaching roster with a diverse background and deep insight.  He is a wonderful human being, and we are very happy to have him as a B Inspired coach.  



WABC- RCCTM Certification Program


I’d like to give a big warm thank you to the team at Shift Coaching for their amazing Shift Corporate Coach Program.  The Program is an official WABC accreditation program which upon completion gives out a Registered Corporate Coach Designation (RCCTM).  We have sent every one of our B Inspired Leadership Coaches through this program as we only want the best coaches for our clients.  For more information on the program please visit their website: SCC Program.


League – MarketPlace and Health@Work

We are honoured to be part of the League offerings and growth story.  Our coaching offerings and seminars are available to clients of League through both the Marketplace platform and directly for the League Health@Work custom offers.  We have enhanced the Social and Mental Health pillars of the League platform and are proud to be associated with a company that is set to redefine the Employee Health Benefit landscape.  For more information please visit www.league.com/ca or contact us directly.





The STORY Group – Onboarding Coaching Partnership

We have partnered with The STORY Group to address a market need that is completely underserved, On-Boarding coaching.  The STORY Group and B Inspired Leadership Coaching have crafted a unique bundled offer to differentiate the Placement offers of The STORY Group by including 3 free hours of onboarding coaching.  For more information on The STORY Group please visit their website, www.storygroup.ca and also our blog on the topic,   B Inspired Onboarding Blog.

Congratulations to Vicki Owens from Cisco Systems on being the first client to achieve our badge of B Inspired Leadership Coaching Level 1.


Walk for ALS

It was an honour to take part in the ALS walk this past September 2017.  We walked specifically our good friend Denis Blais who is battling this horrible disease.  It was a beautiful sunny day in downtown Toronto and the turnout was incredible.  The event raised $137,197 and was one of many walks that the ALS Society hosted this year.  If you’d like more information, it can be found on ALS.CA.  If you’d like to support the search for a cure to ALS, please donate to the Feathers of Hope team at ALS Walk Toronto.



Congratulations to our co-founder Stan Besko for completing the Ride to Conquer Cancer in the Spring of 2018.  We are proud of your accomplishment that helped raise over $18.3M for the Princess Margaret Hospital.