I’m a farmer looking at my field.  The field is long and wide, with many seeds planted, watered, and the sun is shining.  Being a new farmer I’m restless watching and waiting.  I don’t want to over water, I don’t want to under water.  Some of the crops are ready for consumption.  If you are driving down the highway and want to know if it’s worth stopping at our roadside stand the answer is a resounding yes If you identify with any of the three following groups:

  • A finance professional that understands the need for leadership development.

Why do we spend so much time learning about technical training and so little time learning about what to do with it?  We’ve armed our finance professionals with an arsenal of knowledge and technical proficiencies but many of them don’t know how to communicate effectively.  It’s like watching Steph Curry ride the pine or taking away a surgeon’s instruments.  B Inspired Finance Group helps finance professionals make the most out of their talents through development of their leadership skills and emotional intelligence.  We coach 1:1 to ensure all of that hard work in becoming a professional finance leader is utilized to the maximum for your benefit:

  • You run a business, a region or an organization and are doing so without amazing finance support.

On the other side of every great business leader should be a great finance business partner.  Are you getting the most out of your relationship with finance?  Are you proactively receiving analysis that helps you make better business decisions?  Do you consider your finance partner an equal partner that understands the business strategy and what you are trying to accomplish?  If any of these questions are NO, give us a call.  We back up our years of experience with a Registered Corporate Coach designation, ensuring we help you optimize your valuable investment in your finance team.

  • A Finance leader that needs some support developing your team.

Even if you agree with our philosophies on leadership development, I challenge you to set aside enough time to give development the time and attention it deserves.  If 99% of your time with your team is focused on running the business, how do you expect your team to grow as leaders?  How many people on your team have formal mentors?  What exposure opportunities have you allowed your direct reports to have with senior management?  Do you still rely on a small equity percentage increase as ways to motivate your team?


If you identify yourself as being in one of these three groups it’s time to pull over and ask for help, I can’t wait to hear from you.