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of Annual Salary (Average Cost of Development)
of Annual Salary (Average Cost of Attrition)
Average Savings of using A Virtual vs full time CFO
Average Growth Rate Increase (Impact of Strategic Financial Planning)

Client Feedback

“I found the coaching with B Inspired Finance Group very valuable to my personal and professional development.”

“My coaching experience with B Inspired has been eye opening. I’ve become more mindful of my impact on others and have discovered new approaches to taking advantage of my authentic self in a positive manner. “

“I highly recommend Brett as a Professional Coach. Brett is helping various members of my already fabulous team grow and develop interpersonally and professionally. Brett’s humor, humanity and humility invite people to open up and begin seeing things anew. I believe that everyone can benefit from Brett and the B Inspired Finance Team!”

“I’ve learned that the best version of my leadership style relies on my ability to adapt when required to lead in a Directing or Visioning capacity. Being aware of these skills and behaviours allows me to be more effective to manage those scenarios and make better decisions.”

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